New Jersey Government

The Government of New Jersey State is responsible for the state’s public policy and laws. The Government is the governing body of the state of New Jersey and is separated into three distinct branches, executive, legislative and judicial. These branches were established in New Jersey’s first State Constitution, which was ratified in 1776.

new jersey government

The executive branch is headed by the Governor of New Jersey and includes other statewide elected officials, such as the Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and State Comptroller. The business of the executive branch is carried out by various state departments and agencies.

The New Jersey Legislature is responsible for enacting laws and appropriating funds for the state’s operation. The is a bicameral body, consisting of the General Assembly and the Senate. The General Assembly is composed of 80 members, while the Senate is composed of 40 members.

The judicial branch is headed by the New Jersey Supreme Court and includes lower courts, such as the Superior Court and Municipal Courts. The Supreme Court has original jurisdiction over cases involving the interpretation of the New Jersey Constitution.

The New Jersey Constitution provides for a strong executive branch, headed by the governor, who serves a four-year term. The governor has veto power over legislation passed by the legislature and line-item veto power over appropriations bills.

The state government is responsible for a wide range of functions, from maintaining highways and public transportation to overseeing the state’s education system. In addition, the state government works to protect the environment, help businesses grow, and promote tourism.

The State Government is committed to the principles of democracy, and it strives to provide a fair and just government for all. The Government is responsible for the protection of the state’s citizens, the promotion of the economy, and the defense of its borders and is committed to serving the people of the Garden State.

Government of New Jersey State

Official Name: New Jersey

Governor: Phil Murphy

Contact: Contact the governor

Main Address: Office of Governor PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ, 08625

Phone Number: 1-609-292-6000

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